PenCave Homestay


Welcome to Pencave Homestay!!

I am a local resident of Thamlod village in the hilly  northwestern Thailand. A magnificient remote area, unspoilt of noise and pollution of the city.

 I really enjoy to share my home with visitors and showing them the wonders around my home. Come stay with me, you will love our home as your own, or better!

Our Balcony

The place where our family gathers for meals and togetherness. Our beautiful Teak dining table is the perfect place for an evening meal after a long day of hikeing, rock climbing, visiting hill tribe villages, swimming in the river, and much more.

It's a place to hang out and relax, talk over the days adventures and get to know eachother. 



 The organic garden I grow is the source of many of the fresh fruits and vegetables that you'll eat on your stay, and is also filled with a rock garden containing the scents and beauty of the local flora, including many beneficial herbs and medicinal plants used by the locals for centuries.

I will also teach you how to cook local foods, starting with a walk in the garden to pick the local herbs and vegetables used in creating them. The aim is to enjoy the atmosphere and each others company while exploring the many sides of this amazing environment.




A highlight of your stay will be relaxing in the various nooks and cranies on our land, private places to talk, meditate, or just escape the sun in some shade.


425783_10150837096379657_633324656_12203703_1735342527_n_1_.jpgStay in one of our three beautiful teakwood bungalows, all with comfy beds and balconies. The interiors are decorated using local handicrafts and tapestries. Some guests even enjoy sleeping "al fresco" outside in the cool evening air which comes rolling down the mountains.








































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